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Monday, March 5, 2012

Cats Can’t Shoot by Clea Simon

Cats Can’t Shoot by Clea Simon
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
Genre: Fantasy, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (280 pgs)
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Aloe

When Pru Marlowe gets the call that there’s been a cat shooting, she’s furious. Animal brutality is the one thing that this tough animal psychic won’t stand for, and in her role as a behaviorist she’s determined to care for the traumatized pet. But when Pru finds out that the cat did the shooting – accidentally setting off a rare dueling pistol – she realizes something else is going on. Could the white Persian really have killed her owner – or did the whole bloody mess have something to do with that pricey collectible? With the white cat turning a deaf ear to her questions, Pru must tune in to Beauville’s other pampered residents – from the dead man’s elite social set to their equally spoiled pets – and learn the truth before her ex, a former New York cop, gets too close. In a world where value is determined by a price tag, only Pru Marlowe and her trusty tabby Wallis can figure out if this was a case of feline felony – or if some human has set the Persian up to be the ultimate cat’s paw.

When Pru gets a phone call asking her to respond to a cat shooting, she’s prepared to deal with a traumatized cat. However, she’s not prepared to find the cop suggesting the cat was the shooter!

This author previously published Dogs Don’t Lie which was a very good mystery, so I was pleased to have the opportunity to review this Pru mystery. Ms. Simon has made her main character, Pru Marlowe, unique. She talks to animals. I don’t mean she watches and guesses what they might be trying to communicate. She can actually talk to them through mental telepathy. It’s a real asset to her job as a pet handler and trainer. Being able to hear any animal’s thoughts around her is a bit of a detriment, though.

One of the things I enjoy about Ms. Simon’s writings is she doesn’t make her characters bigger than life. Pru is not exceptionally smart, she’s dating questionable men, and her cat even gets mad at her for not knowing more. Being compared to a kitten is not a compliment. The author also made Pru very dedicated to her work and trying to solve mysteries, so she’s a good sort overall.

This story moves along fast with several characters being introduced. Since four of them are men that Pru has dated at one time or another, it quickly becomes entertaining. All Ms. Simon’s characters are a bit quirky. She gives you the very rich and the very gossipy and mixes them with the get-rich-quick and stalwart characters. With such a rich mix of characters, you can’t help but having fun reading this author’s work.

If you like animals, that’s a plus with this series. If you aren’t sure, this cozy mystery will keep you reading to see just how Pru manages to keep her nose out of trouble and if the killer is finally found. The engaging mystery was easy to finish in one night because I didn’t want to stop reading.

Why not get a copy of this book at your local bookstore and let Ms. Simon take you into the world of Pru and entertain you like she did me?


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