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Monday, July 16, 2012

Curveball by Jen Estes

Curveball by Jen Estes
Publisher: Camel Press
Genre: suspense/mystery
Length: Full Length (314 pages)
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Sunflower


Baseball reporter Cat McDaniel specializes in exposes. Now that very talent has left her unemployed. Desperate to get off the bench and back into the lineup, she is thrilled to land an interview with the Buffalo Soldiers' General Manager Roger "Rakin'" Aiken--Baseball legend, eight-time All Star ... and oblivious father to a Major League bratty co-ed named Paige.


Aiken offers Cat the team writer position for the following spring, but the opportunity is tempered by a curveball of a caveat: she must first spend the winter as a blogger reporting on the Latin American training facility. She is also supposed to look out for Paige, nominally the team's newest scouting assistant. Being a glorified babysitter and chaperone still beats being an out-of-work sportswriter. Cat reluctantly leaves behind her gorgeous boyfriend Benji and accompanies the party girl to sunny Santo Domingo to balance baselines and conga lines.


Paige falls for Chance Hayward, an agent who plays hardball--the figurative kind. Joining them on the field is Paige's ex, Junior DeLeon, one of the coaches who'd really like to score with Cat. When an aspiring player turns up dead, it is up to Cat and Junior to devise a game-changing strategy. Will Cat's snooping work in her favor this time, or will she strike out ... losing her job, her boyfriend and her life?

Three words to describe Cat McDaniel: Sassy, smart, and sleuth. She's a sports writer who travels to various locations to get the scoop. What does she find along with it? Trouble. Don't the mystery genre heroines always seem to find trouble? Yep, they sure do. But without that trouble, it would make for a rather dull story.

Cat is on the verge of a new job. The problem with getting this job? How about a bratty, spoiled rich girl to tote along? How's that for getting the job done? Eh....not so easy. But Cat is feisty, and she's not going to let this girl bring her down, even though she wants to wring her neck half the time.

Curveball is saucy, mysterious, and a pleasurable read. Ms. Estes creates a lot of mystery and intrigue within the pages of this novel. I even found the bratty spoiled girl, Paige, to have redeeming qualities in a few parts of this book. She becomes Cat's “sidekick” to help with the mystery solving.

Even if you aren't a fan of sports, Curveball is so much more than that. Cat McDaniel is not a woman to be messed with, and she manages to make things happen in light of murder, scams, and much more.

If you're a fan of cozy type mysteries with a female sleuth, Curveball is a story you can curl up with and get lost in the pages for awhile. Why not grab a copy?

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  1. I enjoyed it :)