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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Greyman by Matt Chatelain

The Greyman by Matt Chatelain
Book Four of Four of the Sirenne Saga
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Suspense/Mystery, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (292 pgs)
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Poinsettia

In the fourth and final novel of the Sirenne Saga, Sirenne learns that he has been selected to lead the Abbey to the Greyman, who is thought to be the Devil on Earth. Sirenne has mastered electromagnetic flight and the ability to manifest objects and manipulate matter. Weissmuller has revealed himself and an uneasy alliance has been made. The world is falling apart and people are dying by the millions as Sirenne continues trying to understand what is really going on. The unstoppable Greyman is drawing near and an ultimate confrontation seems inevitable. Everything rests on Sirenne's final decision.

Paul is on the verge of solving the greatest mystery of all; the mystery of life.

The fourth and final book in the Sirenne Saga picks up exactly where the third book left off, so anyone wanting to read this book must read the previous three. The world is literally falling apart at the seams. Paul and Weissmuller have two tasks. First, they must find and protect the Other, a being the Abbey believes can destroy the Greyman. Second, they must then help the Other destroy the Greyman before all of humanity is lost.

I absolutely flew through the first half of the book. Everything was so chaotic and I had a myriad of questions racing through my mind. What, or rather who, is the Other? Was the Greyman really the force of evil the Abbey believed him to be? Would Paul and Weissmuller succeed before time ran out? What would happen if they did succeed? All my questions were answered, but most not in the way I expected.

Paul has been steadily changing and growing throughout the series. I think most of those changes were good and Paul retained many of the traits that made him so endearing in the first book. However, when the saga reached its conclusion, Paul was definitely not the same man and I found some of those changes to be deeply unsettling, particularly the way he comes to regard “weaker” lives. I cannot say too much about the nature of the changes that Paul undergoes without completely spoiling the mystery. I will say that it says a lot about Paul and his state of mind when Weissmuller is actually shocked by some of Paul’s actions. I understand the logic behind why Paul had to go through these changes, but I can’t help but mourn the loss of the character I’d gotten to know in the previous books.

Weissmuller also went through some interesting changes as the story progressed. When Paul first decided to bring Weissmuller along with him for the final part of his quest, I thought it was a huge mistake. After all, Weissmuller was a monster who had committed unthinkable atrocities. However, I was very surprised to see that Weissmuller had truly dedicated himself to helping Paul track down and confront the Greyman. His loyalty is unswerving. I didn’t think Weissmuller was capable of such a thing. Even more interesting was the confrontation between Paul, Weissmuller, and the Greyman. It is then they learn the reason why Weissmuller is the way he is. The answer is truly terrifying.

As I had hoped, O’Flanahan made an appearance in this book, but not at all in the way that I expected. I was completely unprepared for the revelations concerning O’Flanahan, though by now I should probably come to expect the unexpected from Mr. Chatelain’s writing. Everything I learned about O’Flanahan was definitely interesting, but again, I found myself sighing when I realized there was so much I didn’t know about him.

The second half of the book moves at a much slower pace than the first half. The big climax concerning the end of the world happens when there are still quite a lot of pages left in the story. When I realized this, I wondered how much more could there be? It turns out there was a lot more. After Paul meets the Greyman, he and Raymonde, Paul's soul mate, embark on a new quest in order to discover the secret of life, creation and what it all means. Much is made about human beings and their ability to make choices. However, I have to say that there were many instances where people were pushed and prodded so much that they didn’t really seem to have much of a choice at all concerning the path they were practically forced to take. Despite this issue, I did find Mr. Chatelain’s complex theories to be very thought provoking.

The Greyman took me to some fascinating and unexpected places. The true mystery of the caves extended far beyond the scope of any murder, war, or conspiracy theory. When I started reading the Sirenne Saga, I never could have imagined how it all would end. The journey was interesting and I’m tempted to go back and read the other books with a new perspective. Fans of the Sirenne Saga certainly won’t want to miss the grand finale.


  1. Thank you so much, Poinsetta, for your great review. It was difficult for me to write the conclusion to the series as I was wrestling with some very deep issues.
    Everything I wrote ended up defining, clarifying the concepts of opposites, in particular, good and bad. I delved deep into both and ripped them apart, hoping to come to some deeper answer.
    I knew the issues and the questions I dealt with would unsettle some deep held beliefs and attitudes, including my own. There was nothing for it, but to plow through and go to where the story took me. I could not have gone further or dug deeper.

    I hope you do go back and read the rest of the series again. Book one was written with that in mind. Doing so will reveal comments and conversations filled with double meaning. You will see the deeper story that is actually happening in the story, not the surface one that you followed originally. In that way, the story is intended to be a spiral, leading to new understandings with every re-read.
    I'm hoping your experience with the entire series was a good one, that stays with you, bringing you to ask your own questions about the nature of life.

    All the best.

  2. Hi Matt,
    Love sci-fi books and this sound good. Thank you!